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14th Oct 2018 - Sunday Church Service Bangalore
Discipleship and the Home
"If the homes are weak, the church is weak"
Bangalore Conference - 2018
Bangalore Conference - 2018
The Spirit Filled Life
It is an immense privilege under the New Covenant to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, every day. Yet the vast majority of Christians do not live this Spirit-filled life. What is the reason for this lack? Read on....
God Works To Perfect Us
The Blood of Christ
"We need the blood of Christ to cleanse us DAILY"
Manifesting the Spirit of Heaven
"The most valuable brother and sister in any church is the one who can bring the atmosphere of heaven into a church"
From Hero To Zero And Hero Again
Enduring In Love To The End
The Power of Godly Music and Praise
"You are an anointed musician if you can lead people to worship God and can bring the spirit of prophecy into a meeting"