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Be an Example by Your Life
"Paul urges Timothy to pay close attention to two areas: his life and his teaching"
Following Jesus As Our Forerunner
Life's Biggest Problem
"You will be surprised to find that you do not fall. God's grace will hold you up"
When Jesus Sang A Hymn
Jesus Will Save Me From My Sins
Preachers Whom I Follow
The only preachers I respect and follow are those who can say, “Follow me, as I follow Christ”. But sad to say, such preachers are rare in our day.
Secret Thoughts Of Hearts Revealed
He will set up a standard that many will attack. Thus He will expose the secret thoughts of their hearts" (Luke 2:35 - paraphrase)
Starting Well But Finishing Badly
The Attitude of the Apostle Paul
The man after God's own heart is the one who desires to fulfill all His will