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Living By Sincere Faith
Three Examples of Men Who Were Religious but Not Spiritual
"When a man consistently dies to self day after day, there will be a fire from heaven on his life and on his ministry."
NCCF Conference 2018
NCCF Conference 2018
Financial Discipline for Believers
“Our trust is in our heavenly Father alone (1 Tim.6:17)”
God's Weakness vs Man's Strength
Scoffing Makes Fetters Stronger
How to identify a New-Covenant Church
In a new-covenant church, there won't be just powerful preaching of the Word but powerful, living examples of the Word too.
When God Seems Silent
Three Marks of New-Covenant Servants
"There is great hope for honest believers - but NO hope for dishonest hypocrites"
Esteem Highly the Anointing of God more than anything else
We must covet the anointing more than anything else on earth-more than money and comfort and pleasure, and more than fame and popularity and even success in Christian work.