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 We don’t understand why God delays answers to some of our prayers. But His way is perfect, and He makes our way perfect (Psalm 18:30, 32).

Jesus said (in Acts 1:7), that we are not permitted to know the timing of events, for God has reserved that within His own power.

Certain matters belong to God alone. For example, man is not permitted:

  1. to receive worship (Matthew 4:10);
  2. to receive glory (Isaiah 42:8);
  3. to take vengeance (Romans 12:19);
  4. to know the timing of events (Acts 1:7).

All these four are God’s prerogatives. All Christians would readily accept (1) and (2) above. Many will also accept (3) also. But spiritual men will accept (4) as well, just as readily as they accept the other three. So when the Lord delays in answering some of our prayers for a long time, we must humbly accept His will.

God is still on the throne and He always remembers His own and He makes all things work together for our good.

“He always wins who sides with God – to him no chance is lost. God’s will is sweetest to him when it triumphs at his cost.”

So, let us continue “to give ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word” (Acts 6:4). We will then be able to “preach the kingdom of God and teach concerning the Lord Jesus – unhindered” (Acts 28:31).

Living Waters Flowing out from Us

 There are needy believers all over the world, who need to hear the good news of the new covenant. Believers in many lands are being exploited in these days, by preachers who are after their money, and by cult-leaders who dominate them. We are called to proclaim liberty to all these enslaved believers.

To know where to go, we need to be sensitive to the Spirit’s leading (Isaiah 30:21). The time is nearing when many believers will not want to hear the truth. So we must be ready to preach the Word at all times – when it is convenient for us and also when it is not convenient (2 Timothy 4:2, 3).

Let us claim God’s promise then and believe that “living waters will flow out from our church in all directions – toward the east and toward the west – throughout the year” (Zechariah 14:8).

But how are those living waters to flow out from us to others?

In Psalm 23:5, we read of “our cups running over”.The original Hebrew word used there for “running over” is “revayyah”. This word is used (in the Hebrew) in only one other place in the Bible – in Psalm 66:12, where it is translated as “place of abundance”.

So we conclude that to come to this place where our “cups run over” with living waters, we have to go through the experiences mentioned in the verses previous to Psalm 66:12 – that is verses 10 to 12, where we read that:

  • God will refine us like silver;
  • God will bring us into a net (tight circumstances);
  • God will allow oppressive burdens to be placed on us by others;
  • God will allow people to ride over our heads;
  • God will put us into a blazing “fire” (fiery trials);
  • God will then put us into “icy-cold water” (with no ‘feelings’ of His presence).

Those who accept these disciplines of God in their lives will finally find their cups overflowing in blessing to others. Praise the Lord!!