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God is always looking for at least one man in a place, to take a stand for Him (as we read in Ezekiel 22:30). He found an Enoch at one time, then a Noah, then an Abraham, and later on an Elijah and a John the Baptist etc.

In Babylon, he found a Daniel. Although the Bible mentions Daniel's three friends Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah (who were later renamed Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) in Daniel 1:7, yet it says in Dan.1:8 that it was Daniel alone "who determined in his heart that he would not defile himself". It was only then that the other three also had the courage to take a stand.There are many Hananiahs, Mishaels and Azariahs among believers in many places in the world, who do not have the courage to take a stand for the Lord on their own, but who will take a stand, if a Daniel arises in their midst and takes a stand for the Lord. So determine to be a 'Daniel' for the Lord, wherever you are.

We see something similar- but evil - on the opposite side as well. There were many angels in heaven initially who probably had some simmering discontent within them about something or the other. But they did not have the courage to start a rebellion until a Lucifer arose in their midst. When Lucifer (the head of the angels) expressed his rebellion, immediately one-third of the angels joined him (Rev.12:4). Those millions of angels were all cast out by God along with Lucifer - and they are the demons who possess people today. It is an eternal principle with God that he "removes the proud, exulting ones and leaves behind a humble, lowly people everywhere" (Zeph.3:11, 12). This was how He cleansed the heavens long ages ago - and this is how He cleanses the church today as well.

There are two movements going on simultaneously in the world now: The Daniels are gathering the twos and the threes to take a stand for the Lord; and the Lucifers are gathering their millions to lead people to impurity, to rebellion against authority and to disobedience to God's commandments. But it is the two or three with the Daniels who will win finally - because even one person with God is always a majority. If God does not get a Daniel in a locality, then the Devil will get someone to lead the people in his way. So it is essential that you become a Daniel in your place for God - one who begins by determining in your heart that you will not defile yourself by disobeying even the smallest of God's commandments, and that you will take a stand for Him, even if you are cast into a lion's den.