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Satan is the main Accuser of all believers (Revelation 12:10). But he is always looking for co-workers from among believers to help him in this work. And he finds many such co-workers throughout the world.

Satan tells lies to us. But when he accuses us to God, every accusation he makes against us has to be true, because Satan dare not lie to God. But his spirit is still the spirit of accusation, even though he is speaking the truth. We must learn something from that - and that is this: If we speak about a brother's sins behind his back instead of speaking to him directly, we become co-workers with Satan in this ministry of accusation, even though every word we speak may be true.

We must never have such a fellowship with the Accuser. If a brother has sinned, we are commanded to try and restore him, in a spirit of meekness (Galatians 6:1). We should speak to him directly. If he refuses to listen to us, then we should tell the elders about him. If he doesn't listen even to the elders, then the whole church can be told about his unwillingness to submit to spiritual authority. Then he should be put out of the church. This is the procedure clearly laid down by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 18:15-20. Jesus went on to say that we could thus bind Satan's activity of accusation in the church.

If an accusation is made against an elder, it should be taken seriously if two or more reliable people have made that accusation (1 Timothy 5:19). The matter must then be carefully investigated by other senior elders. Under the old covenant, God clearly commanded saying, "You shall first investigate and search out and inquire the matter thoroughly and ensure that it is true and proven…" (Deuteronomy 13:14). If the elder is proven to be continuing in sin, then he must be rebuked publicly by a senior elder in the presence of the church (1 Timothy 5:20)

If a senior elder does not do that publicly, out of a false sense of compassion, he will be claiming thereby that his understanding is superior to that of the Holy Spirit! It is best to walk in humility and to obey what the Word of God says.

And now, here are two promises to encourage those who are being falsely accused by others:

"Their insults cannot hurt me, because the Sovereign Lord gives me help. I brace myself to endure them. I know that I will not be disgraced, for God is near, and He will prove me innocent. Does anyone dare to bring charges against me? Let us go to court together! Let him bring his accusation! The Sovereign Lord Himself defends me - who then can prove me guilty? All my accusers will disappear; they will vanish like moth-eaten cloth …. All of you that plot to destroy others will be destroyed by your own plots. The Lord Himself will make that happen." (Isaiah 50:7-11-Good News Bible).

"No weapon turned against you shall succeed, and you will have justice against every courtroom lie. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord. This is the blessing I have given you, says the Lord" (Isaiah 54:17 - Living).

God allows Satan to test His people, to show everyone the true heart condition of those who call themselves by His Name. The Lord will allow us to face many trying situations to test whether, in a world full of lying and hatred, we will abide in truth and in love until the end.

Those who have eyes to see will thus be able to discern who are godly and who are not, and who are motivated by goodness and who are motivated by jealousy and hatred. But some will remain blind and without discernment (like the Pharisees) until the end. The gold will become purer in the fire but the straw will be reduced to ashes.