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In Genesis 22:12 , we read of the first time in the Bible that God testifies about a man saying, "Now I know that you fear Me". That was when Abraham offered up Isaac. Abraham was about 125 years old at this time, and God tested him again. This time it was to see whether Abraham still loved God supremely, as at the beginning. God told him, "Sacrifice your son Isaac. I am not asking you to do it tomorrow morning. No. Do it on Mount Moriah - three days journey away. Take those three days to think about it." God never asks us to do anything in a hurry. Abraham walks for three days and counts the cost and lays Isaac on the altar, and says, "Lord, here You are. I love You more than my dearest earthly possession."

That showed Abraham's dedication and Isaac's dedication too. Isaac, as a 25-year-old young man was much stronger than 125-year-old Abraham. Abraham would never have been able to tie Isaac on the altar if Isaac had not been willing. That shows how Abraham had taught his son to obey him. Blessed is the man who can bring up his children in such a way that even if he were to say to them, "I am going to offer you to God now. Lie down here", they will lie down and say, "OK, Dad. Go ahead." You can be certain that such a father is a godly man indeed.

Abraham called this an act of "worship" to God (Gen. 22:5). This is the first time that the word "worship" occurs in the Scriptures - and this is what true worship is. The Father seeks for such worshippers even today.

God saw Abraham's devotion to Him and said, "Now I know that you fear Me" (Gen. 22:12). The first time it is recorded in Scripture that a man feared God is when a man obeyed God totally saying, "God, I love You more than my dearest earthly possession". Abraham had left Ur 50 years earlier because he had loved God more than his own family members. 50 years later, his love for God had not waned even slightly. It was through such a man that Jerusalem began. What an example to follow! Blessed are you if you can go this way all the days of your life.

Abraham named this place "Jehovah Jireh" - the Lord will provide (Gen. 22:14). That is a word we can think of whenever we face any problem in life, for His promise is, "God shall provide all your need" (Philippians 4:19).

It was here on Mount Moriah that Abraham caught a glimpse of the heart of God Who would one day offer His Son as a sacrifice 2000 years later. Jesus referred to this in John 8:56: "Abraham rejoiced to see My day and he saw it and was glad". God was so delighted with Abraham's attitude here, that he commanded the temple to be built on this very spot 1000 years later (2 Chronicles 3:1). Yes, God's house is built even today by those who fear and worship God like Abraham did.