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If soldiers can sacrifice so much for the sake of their country in order to keep their country independent and free, how much more we should be willing to sacrifice everything (even our lives), so that the Lord is honoured through our lives in every way, and Satan put to shame.

I hope you are finding grace from God supernaturally in your tasks. You can ask God to give you ideas for your study and work. God will help you. Ask in faith - and see what miracles He can do for you. It is as we prove Him in such circumstances that our faith gets strengthened. Honour God at all times. Those who honour Him always get the best in life in every area. I have proved that since the time I was born again, and to such an extent that I wish I could go around this world telling the following to people everywhere:

- Honour God in every area.

- Put God first in your affections at all times.

- Keep your conscience clean at all times.

Only then will you be able to live a worthwhile life

The biggest fools in this world are those who don't give importance to these matters, who think that they can live a worthwhile life with their talents and their earthly accomplishments. None of these can satisfy anyone ultimately.

John 15 is a wonderful chapter. Abiding is a picture of perfect rest (as the branch in the vine) without anxiety or tension - which is the result of faith that God cares for every detail of our life. There will be toil and hard work, but no anxiety or tension. The constant flow of sap from the tree to the branch illustrates the need for the constant infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Seek the Lord for two things:

(1) That He will show you from His Word how powerful His justification is that He actually sees you as if you had never sinned up until today.

(2) To be totally free from the opinions of all men.

We don't realize how much we are enslaved to what people think of us. If you work on these two things, you can be a very effective vessel in the Lord's hands. Satan often tries to make us think we are humble when we grovel in the memory of our past failures. But the only time we should think of our past failures is when we are tempted to be hard on someone else ( 2 Pet.1:9 ) - not otherwise.

If you are clear on these two points, your life will take off like a rocket without anything to hold you down. Don't try to reason these matters out rationally or intellectually. Just believe God's Word and trust it.

Self-condemnation and discouragement are always from Satan. You must never live in the past. Stop thinking about your past failures - and your past successes as well. And when you fall, jump up immediately and continue running the race straightaway. Don't ever give up.