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In Mal 2:15 we read that God made a man and his wife one in order that through them He might receive godly children. Anyone can raise children. But the disciple of Jesus raises godly children. And for this, the very first requirement is that at least one of the two parents must be a wholehearted disciple of Jesus who loves the Lord with all his/her heart. Half hearted Christians will not be able to raise godly children.

A second important requirement is unity between husband and wife. This may not be possible if one partner is not a disciple. Then the other partner must battle it out alone against Satan, for his/her children. But if both are whole hearted, the work is much easier. This is why the right choice of a marriage partner is so very important.

It is very difficult to bring up children in a godly way if the husband wife are always quarrelling with each other and blaming each other. If you want to build a godly home, seek unity with your husband/wife at any cost - even if as a result, you have to give up many of your rights. It will be worth it in the long run, when you see the way your children follow the Lord.

There is tremendous power in unity between two disciples. Jesus said in Mathew 18:18-20 that when two disciples are united together on earth, they have authority to bind the activities of the satanic forces in "the heavenlies" (Ephesians 6:12). That is how we can keep evil spirits away from our homes away from influencing our children.

In Ephesians 5:22-6:9 the Holy Spirit speaks of home relationships -between wives and husbands, children and parents and servants and masters. Immediately thereafter, (v.10 onwards), the Holy Spirit goes on to speak about wrestling with evil spirits in the heavenlies. What does that teach us. Just this - that we must overcome Satan first of all.

Husband and wives who quarrel with each other don't realize that they are opening the door( through the gap thus created between them) for Satan to enter their home and attack their children. A rebellious child who answers his parents rudely may have caught the infection from his mother who speaks in a similar way to her husband or from his father who is rebellious against the Lord in some area. It is no use blaming the poor child for the infection that the parents brought into that home first of all!! It is the parents who need to repent first.

Unity in the home is far more important than the size or the beauty of your home or the gadgets you have therein. The glory of God can be manifested in a family that lives in a shack, if they are disciples of the Lord first of all.

A true disciple of Jesus will be free from the terrible disease of 'blaming others' that Adam and Eve were infected within Eden. Adam blamed Eve for his sin and Eve blamed the serpent for hers.

The kingdom of heaven belongs to 'the poor in spirit' (Mathew 5:3) and the first characteristic of one who is poor in spirit is that he has an awareness of his own failure and need first of all. A husband and wife who are both poor in spirit will convert their home into a foretaste of heaven on earth. In such a home, each will be judging himself and not blaming the other. The Devil can never have any access into such a home. Can you imagine what tremendous blessing the children in such a home will inherit.