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When we get to heaven, we will see the angels who protected us as we travelled on the roads here on earth. When we see the video-tape replay of our whole life in the final day, we will discover that there were a few thousand angels who protected us whom we have to thank. We may now be aware of only a few “near misses” that we had on the roads. But in that day, we will discover that there were many more such “misses” from which we were saved. So be thankful.

All things work together for our very best. After the accident I had some years ago, I said, “Lord I haven't yet expressed my gratitude fully for what you did for me on Calvary. So please give me a little more time to say `Thank You'”. Then I thought of this phrase: “Our lives must be a constant expression of gratitude to the Lord for what He did for us on the cross.”

God has a purpose in everything. It says about Jacob that “by faith he worshipped God leaning on his staff” (which actually was a crutch, because he could not walk without it any longer, since God had dislocated his thigh), “and Jacob blessed others” (Heb.11:21). That staff (crutch) became a constant reminder to strong self-sufficient Jacob that he had to lean helplessly on God for everything. It was thus that he became Israel - a prince of God who had power with God and with men. It was when he had come to that weak state that he could bless others (as that verse says). I pray that you too will know something of that experience - of being broken of your human strength, so that you lean upon God alone, and become a far greater blessing to others than you could ever have been otherwise.

God has planned your life perfectly - every detail. He allows Satan to attack you, just as He allowed Satan to attack Jesus. But Jesus kept His spirit pure and you can keep your spirit pure too. “God knows every detail of what is happening to you” (Job 23:10 - Living), even when you are in trying circumstances; and He plans every detail too (Rom.8:28). So, find your comfort in that. It is good to experience a leaning upon God alone, in circumstances where you find that “the help of man is vain”. That is the only way to grow spiritually. C. T. Studd once said, “I love the luxury of a tight spot, so that I can see what miracle God will do for me there ”.

It will bring a tremendous release in us when we realize that God the Father chose us, the Son of God purchased us with his blood and the Holy Spirit has now sealed us to be God's own (Eph.1:1-13). Our salvation was entirely of God's grace. God just waited for us to say "Yes" and then He did it all (Eph.2:1-8). He couldn't have saved us without getting our permission, for we are not robots.

God chose us before the foundation of the world – “before we had done anything good or bad” (Rom.9:11) - and decided to bless us with every blessing of the Spirit in Christ. Therefore, He is not going to change His mind about us now.