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In Matthew 11:28 to 30, Jesus spoke about having rest and having a burden. To paraphrase Jesus' words there, He was telling us to be at rest concerning all earthly burdens and to take His burden (yoke) upon our hearts. We can't carry the Lord's burdens until we give Himall our earthly burdens ("Cast your burden on the Lord - let Him have all your worries" - Psalm 55:22 ; "Don't be concerned about food and clothing. If you do want to be concerned about something, be concerned about the kingdom of God and His righteousness " - Matt.6:31 , 33 - Paraphrase).

If your minds are full of anxieties and worries concerning earthly matters, you will be ineffective for the Lord. No doubt, you have to think about earthly matters, but you must not worry about any of them. Only those things that have eternal value should be a concern on your hearts. That is how we are different from the people of this earth. Even the results of the examinations that you do on earth have no eternal value. You must of course, do your best. But you must never worry about the result.

If you seek for 100% marks in seeking God's kingdom and His righteousness first, then you will be first in eternity. That is what I myself chose many years ago.

The paraphrase of Zephaniah 3:17 says, "God is silently planning for you in love", in everything that happens. And the Lord also reminds us , "What I do, you do not understand now, but you will understand later on" - ( John.13:7 ).

Finally, let me encourage you once again (as I am encouraging people everywhere) to pursue after humility and to dwell in low thoughts of yourself. That does not mean low self-esteem or an underestimation of your worth to God as His child or of the gifts and abilities that God has given you. You are children of God - and so there is no place for low self-esteem. But it is only as you recognize that you are nothing before God, that God can become everything in your life. Others who know you must glorify God for what they see in you. This will involve your giving up your own choices in order to do God's will alone. It means giving God the glory at all times for whatever He h­as given you and determining to use all that He has given you for His glory alone.

Never, never look down or make fun of any human being, whatever his faults or defects may be. God gives abundant grace to the humble - and their spiritual progress will be phenomenal. May you walk in humility, all your days, as Jesus did.