Hear! O My Sons

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Chapter 0

This book contains extracts from emails that I wrote to my four sons when they were single and away from home. They were studying in colleges at first and then working. They were in their late teens and in their twenties at that time.

Fathers are told to bring up their children " in the instruction of the Lord". So, most of what I wrote was instruction from the Word of God that would lead them to be devoted to the Lord Jesus. I wanted them to be established from a young age in the truths of God's Word, since I knew that, that alone would preserve them as young men in the midst of "an evil and adulterous generation" (Matthew 16:4). I also wanted them to be able to share God's truth accurately with others.

I emphasised and repeated some matters many times in my mails, because of their paramount importance. Some matters are repeated numerous times in the New Testament too, for the same reason. I emphasised holiness, taking up the cross and the overcoming life primarily - because these important truths were not being emphasised in Christendom in general.

I exhorted my sons in those days to listen regularly to cassettetapes of my messages. Today, you can watch my messages on YouTube and on the CFC website - www.cfcindia.com

One chapter in this book contains the advice I gave them on choosing a life-partner and getting married. All four of them followed my advice and married godly young women, as described in that chapter. For this I am deeply thankful to the Lord.

I only planted the seeds that God gave me. God watered the seeds, nurtured the plants and brought forth fruit in their lives. I give God all the glory for His working in their lives.

It is more than 25 years now since I wrote some of these letters. My views remain the same and I stand by everything that I wrote then.

I have combined all the emails together here, removing headings, dates, greetings, names and signature lines, since these would serve no purpose in this book.

This book has been divided into chapters only to make it easier to read. The chapters have not been divided subject-wise or in any order of priority.

90% of what I wrote to my sons would be equally applicable to young girls as well. So they too can read this book.

This book should be read slowly, for it contains the substance of many mails on different topics. There is "strong meat" here, and not just "milk". So my recommendation would be that you read only one chapter a day and stop and think about what you have read and absorb the truths in that chapter, before moving on. And let me urge you to look up all the Scriptures quoted herein and meditate on them. In that way, your life can be radically changed for the better - in a very short time.

I pray that this book will be a blessing to all young people who read it.

January 2017

Zac Poonen

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Chapter 1
Table Of Contents

Chapter 1

  1. God’s Plan for Your Life
  2. Those Whom Jesus Accepted
  3. Justification
  4. Forgiveness and Justification
  5. Whom God Justifies
  6. Facing the Accuser

Chapter 2

  1. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Gifts of the Spirit
  3. Speaking in Tongues
  4. The Purpose of the Baptism in the Spirit

Chapter 3

  1. Temptation and Sin
  2. Satan has been Defeated
  3. The Importance of Discernment
  4. Discipline
  5. Devotion to Jesus
  6. The Danger of Being Exclusive

Chapter 4

  1. The Lord Alone in Front of Us
  2. God’s Sovereignty
  3. Protection from Dangers
  4. Praising God for Everything
  5. The New Covenant
  6. Victory Over Sin

Chapter 5

  1. Jesus was Tempted but Always Overcame
  2. Some Sins are More Serious
  3. The Way to Overcome
  4. Persistence
  5. Unreality

Chapter 6

  1. Humility and Rest
  2. Meditate on God’s Word
  3. God’s Perfect Plan
  4. Dealing with Misunderstanding

Chapter 7

  1. Becoming a Blessing to Others
  2. Your Calling
  3. Controversy and Competition
  4. Conscience and Righteousness
  5. The Crown of Life
  6. Concerning Satan

Chapter 8

  1. Freedom from the Opinions of Men
  2. Redeeming the Time
  3. Fear of God
  4. Going the Way Jesus Went
  5. Increasing in the Virtues of Christ

Chapter 9

  1. Conscience and Faith
  2. Reigning Over Our Thoughts
  3. Knowing God
  4. Tremble at God’s Word

Chapter 10

  1. Daily Renewal of Our Inner Man
  2. No Eternal Regret
  3. Prayer and God’s Word – Weapons of Our Warfare
  4. Partaking of God’s Glory

Chapter 11

  1. Seeking Our Own – The Root of All Evil
  2. Focus on God’s Grace
  3. Grow in Humility and Wisdom

Chapter 12

  1. Power Over Satan
  2. Sons – Not Servants
  3. Humility and Maturity
  4. Fighting a Good Fight

Chapter 13

  1. An Adequate Response to God
  2. Fullness of the Holy Spirit
  3. Confidence Before God
  4. Perplexity in Prayer
  5. Secure in the Love of God

Chapter 14

  1. Perfect in Mercy
  2. Righteousness and Goodness
  3. Divine Power and Human Ability
  4. Overcoming Sin

Chapter 15

  1. Balancing the Spiritual with the Academic
  2. Protection from Media Influence
  3. Free from Guile

Chapter 16

  1. God has a Perfect Plan for You
  2. What is Revival
  3. Wait for God’s Best
  4. Some Godly Missionaries Whom We Will Meet

Chapter 17

  1. Wisdom for a Balanced Life
  2. Living in the Light
  3. Proverbs for Young Men

Chapter 18

  1. The Flesh and the Old Man
  2. Humility and the Fear of God
  3. Discipline of Listening to God

Chapter 19

  1. Friendship, Counselling and Conversations
  2. Another Jesus
  3. Enduring Faith
  4. Guard Your Mind

Chapter 20

  1. Faith
  2. Press on to Perfection
  3. Fear of God
  4. Complacency and Misplaced Priority

Chapter 21

  1. Faith and Reason
  2. Faith – Steadfast Confidence in God
  3. God is on the Side of Underdogs
  4. God is Faithful

Chapter 22

  1. Living by the Word of God
  2. New Covenant Perfection
  3. Attitude of Gratitude
  4. New Covenant Applications of Old Covenant Sacrifices

Chapter 23

  1. Glory Belongs to the Lord Alone
  2. Humility and Grace
  3. Preaching the Word
  4. All Goes Well With the Godly

Chapter 24

  1. The Spirit as Water
  2. A Life of Triumph
  3. Radical Attitude Towards Sexual Lust
  4. A Chosen Vessel
  5. Knocked Down but not Knocked Out

Chapter 25

  1. Coming to an End of Ourselves
  2. Spiritual Power
  3. Dying With Jesus
  4. Aging Gracefully
  5. Soulish or Spiritual

Chapter 26

  1. The Way of the Cross
  2. The Way of Life
  3. God or Mammon
  4. Becoming Like Children and Being on Fire

Chapter 27

  1. Spirit of Babylon
  2. The Full Gospel
  3. Mercy and Grace

Chapter 28

  1. Grace is Superior to the Law
  2. Discipleship and Partnership
  3. Give No Place to Satan
  4. Learning from Israel’s Conceit
  5. Ministry and Reproach
  6. Grace – The New Covenant Blessing

Chapter 29

  1. Isaac and Jacob
  2. Make Jesus Lord of All
  3. What the Holy Spirit Seeks to Do
  4. Eliminating Dregs from Our Lives
  5. Glory Only in the Cross of Christ
  6. It’s a Good Life – God has Blessed Us
  7. Some Important Points to Remember

Chapter 30

  1. Some Aspects of Prayer
  2. Gentleness and Humility – Taking the Yoke of Jesus

Chapter 31

  1. Heart Attitude Determines Divine Nature
  2. The Fire of God
  3. Divine Love and Human Love
  4. A Narrow Gate into a Large Kingdom
  5. Acknowledging Salvation as the Work of God

Chapter 32

  1. God’s Blessings are not Merited
  2. Work Out Your Salvation
  3. Power of Christ’s Blood
  4. Forgetting that Which is Behind
  5. Justification
  6. Transitioning to a New Year – Settle All Accounts

Chapter 33

  1. Humility and Faith
  2. God has a Plan for Every Believer
  3. Sanctification – A Lifelong Process
  4. Taking a Stand for God

Chapter 34

  1. One Thing is Needful
  2. A Burning Desire to Be Like Christ
  3. Growing in Grace
  4. The Spirit of the Antichrist

Chapter 35

  1. The Two Invitations of Jesus – Come and Follow
  2. Grace According to the Measure of Faith
  3. Resting in the Will of God
  4. All Things Work Together for Good
  5. Debt of Love
  6. Abide in Love

Chapter 36

  1. Thinking About the Needs of Others
  2. True Holiness is to Seek God’s Glory Alone
  3. Some Points to Ponder
  4. Mercy and Judgment
  5. Jerusalem and Babylon

Chapter 37

  1. Love is the Greatest
  2. Enduring Love
  3. Being Faithful With Money
  4. Discernment about Music and Television
  5. Keep Your Heart Pure
  6. Put Away All Grumbling and Murmuring

Chapter 38

  1. The Mystery of Suffering
  2. Trusting God in Adversity
  3. Respecting the Boundaries that God has Set

Chapter 39

  1. Purpose of Grace
  2. Heart of Goodness
  3. Turning Failures into Blessings
  4. Some Insights from ‘THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS’ by CS Lewis
  5. Justified to Justify Others
  6. True and Counterfeit Holiness
  7. Love – The Mark of Jesus’ Disciples

Chapter 40

  1. The New Covenant Life
  2. Living in the Presence of God
  3. Faith – In the Head or in the Heart?
  4. An Upward Call

Chapter 41

  1. Life Attested by God
  2. Faith to Receive Physical Healing
  3. Regarding Temperaments
  4. Spirit of Thankfulness
  5. The Balanced Gospel

Chapter 42

  1. The Divine Exchange
  2. Hope
  3. Joy
  4. Faith and Patience
  5. Bible Study Tools

Chapter 43

  1. What Have You Got that is not from God?
  2. Spiritual or Religious?
  3. Faith and Confidence
  4. Seeing the Glory of God

Chapter 44

  1. The Blessing of Rejection
  2. Give no Place to Satan
  3. What Does Jesus Marvel At?
  4. Faith that Doesn’t Fail
  5. Things Lawful but Not Edifying
  6. Living Entirely for the Lord

Chapter 45

  1. Seeking God’s Kingdom Alone
  2. God’s Love Overrules Our Mistakes
  3. Obedience to Parents
  4. Some Helpful Quotes
  5. True Marks of Faith
  6. Death to Self and Building Christ’s Body
  7. God’s Goal for Us – To Be Christlike

Chapter 46

  1. Death is the Gateway to the Life of God
  2. True Happiness
  3. God’s Blessing Leads to Fellowship
  4. Salvation from the World System
  5. One Eyed Denomination

Chapter 47

  1. No Profit Without Risk
  2. Deception – One Mark of the End Times
  3. The Church

Chapter 48

  1. Offering Our Bodies – A Spiritual Act of Worship
  2. Longing After God
  3. Mercy and Legalism
  4. Freedom from the Pursuit of Money and Sex
  5. Calvinism and Arminianism

Chapter 49

  1. Growing in Discernment
  2. Valuing Your Birthright
  3. Rest and Humility
  4. God’s Help in Examinations
  5. Victorious Christian Life

Chapter 50

  1. God Has Planned Every Detail of Your Life
  2. Distinguishing Between the Voice of God and The Voice of Satan
  3. Living a Worthwhile Life
  4. Phariseeism and Legalism

Chapter 51

  1. Three Marriages
  2. Being a Perfect Guest
  3. Little Eagles Must Learn to Fly
  4. The Danger of Being Religious

Chapter 52

  1. Perplexity and Wisdom
  2. Fulfilling the Perfect Will of God
  3. Work Out Your Salvation
  4. The Greatest Thing is to Be a Disciple of Jesus
  5. Spiritual Growth Through Blessing Others
  6. Seek God for Wisdom and Help

Chapter 53

  1. Managing Finances and the Right Balance in Life
  2. Standing True to the Lord
  3. God Honours Those Who Honour Him
  4. Blessed to Bless Others
  5. Two Inspiring Poems

Chapter 54

  1. Make God the Ruler of Your Lives
  2. It is not About Doctrine but Life
  3. No Discouragement or Condemnation
  4. Wisdom
  5. Salvation is by Grace
  6. Christ Working Through Us
  7. Never Tread into the Forbidden

Chapter 55

  1. Justified in Christ
  2. Confess Your Sins Only to God
  3. Our Testimony Must Glorify God Alone
  4. Great Passion to Please the Lord
  5. Outline for the Book of Romans
  6. Things that Jesus Hated Most

Chapter 56

  1. The Lord is our Defence
  2. Love and Wisdom
  3. God is Able
  4. Fear
  5. Prayer – A Two-Way Communication

Chapter 57

  1. Satan is a Defeated Foe
  2. The Limitations of Human Reasoning
  3. Enduring in Divine Love
  4. Our Reactions Indicate Our Spiritual Level

Chapter 58

  1. Maturity and Stability Take Time
  2. Gratitude for Mom
  3. Exhortations for a Godly Life
  4. Music and Full-Time Ministry

Chapter 59

  1. The Three-Fold Hedge
  2. Fighting a Constant Battle
  3. Managing Personal Finances
  4. Busy-ness – Satan’s Evil Scheme

Chapter 60

  1. Phariseeism
  2. The Opposition of Pharisees
  3. Victory with Humility
  4. Soul-Power and Cultists
  5. Cultists are Bullies
  6. Cultism’s Imbalanced Teaching
  7. Cultists Follow Men More than Christ
  8. Cultists are Arrogant and Exclusive

Chapter 61

  1. Foundational Principles in Choosing a Life-partner
  2. Trusting the Lord for a Life-partner
  3. A Godly Life-partner
  4. Following Our Example
  5. The Unchangeable Principles of God’s Word
  6. Human Considerations
  7. Spiritual Values
  8. Practical Considerations
  9. God Will Answer Prayer

Chapter 62

  1. Boasting in the Lord Alone
  2. God Loves Us Unconditionally
  3. God Alone is Everything
  4. Living in the Present
  5. Unbelief is an Insult to God
  6. Ebenezer
  7. What God Did for Jesus