Hymns Written By Zac Poonen

Written by :   Zac Poonen Categories :   The Church Devotion to Christ
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(Written in 1963)

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMSBN4PcHI0


Jesus, Saviour, Wonderful Saviour,

Thou art more than life to me

I will love Thee, Lord forever,

Thou wast crucified for me.

With Thy blood Thou hast redeemed me.

Now I'm Thine eternally.

Whom have I on earth beside Thee?

Whom have I in heaven but Thee?

O my Saviour, Lord and Master,

Thou art all in all to me.

I am waiting for that morning

When Thy glorious face I'll see.

Till then let this world despise me,

Saviour, I will walk with Thee.


(Written for his wedding - 19 June 1968)

(May be sung to the tune of: O Perfect Love)

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYku_wgapok

Lord Jesus Christ, we bow in full surrender,

For Thou hast purchased us on Calvary;

Now we are Thine, and Thine alone forever,

And Thou our portion for eternity.

Far more than all our asking and our thinking,

Have been Thy blessings on our lives, dear Lord;

With praise and song our grateful hearts are ringing

For binding us with Love's eternal cord.

We seek to serve Thee, conscious of our weakness,

Knowing full well that we are poor and frail;

Yet knowing too that Thy almighty fullness

Will be our strength and we shall never fail.

We want the fellowship of Thy affliction;

We want to glory only in Thy Cross;

Our one desire - to give Thee satisfaction;

And we shall count all earthly gain as loss.

Reproach and scorn, this world may heap upon us;

Sorrows and trials may lie in our way;

Still we would walk with Thee alone, Lord Jesus,

Still we would love Thee more and more each day.

Give us the joy of helping others daily -

Sharing their griefs, their burdens and their tears;

O help us, Lord, to turn their eyes to Calv'ry

To find deliv'rance from their sins and fears.

Lord, fill us with Thy Spirit's mighty power;

Make us a blessing to each one we meet;

O let Thy life flow through us like a river,

And help us spread abroad Thy savour sweet.

We only long to do Thy will forever,

Only and ever, Lord, to live for Thee;

Then one glad day we'll reign with Thee in splendour,

And share Thy glory through eternity.


(Written in 1977)

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GhNR8LfqFY

When bowed with burdens and with care

Your soul is in despair,

You don't have to fear,

God is very near.

He loves you as He loved His Son

And He will help you too,

Just trust His word of promise

And He will see you through.


This is the good news - what God can do

What He did for Jesus, He'll do for you.

With mighty power He'll strengthen you

There is no end to what God can do.

Though sin and evil fill this world

And you are overcome,

Yet God's word is true

"Sin can't reign o'er you".

And when temptation's pull is strong

God's grace will be your stay,

So you can walk like Jesus

In vict'ry every day.

When pain and sickness come to you

And touch your loved ones too,

God knows how you feel,

He has power to heal.

Your Father will provide your need;

He's faithful and He's true,

And as He cared for Jesus

He will care for you.

O what a glorious comfort this

If you have come to know

Jesus as your Lord

And Elder Brother too.

For all God has is now your own

And He won't let you go.

And now that God is for you

Who can be your foe?


(Written in 1979)

(May be sung to the tune of: I'm pressing on the upward way)

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YZFBt_VDw4

If I have not forsaken all

In answer to Thy loving call;

If I've kept something back from Thee,

Lord, give me light, that I might see.


Lord, help me judge myself each day,

To walk this new and living way

I seek Thy grace with all my heart,

To be made pure, just as Thou art.

If anything upon this earth

Attracts me with its sense of worth;

If money has a hold on me,

Lord, give me light, that I might see.

If all my life revolves round me

And thoughts of my own family;

If I am living selfishly,

Lord, give me light, that I might see.

Is there some good I should have done?

Is there some soul I should have won?

Have I hurt someone thoughtlessly?

Lord, give me light, that I might see.

If someone's failure has not wrought

Concern and care within my heart;

If I've judged others inwardly,

Lord, give me light, that I might see.

If I have cared for men's applause

Or sought my own and shunned the cross;

If I have feared man's mockery,

Lord give me light, that I might see.

If I've not sought Thy pow'r in prayer

Because of earthly toils and care;

If I'm not longing after Thee,

Lord give me light, that I might see.


(Written in 2000)

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR9tehnLewY

From this earth I will soon be departing -

I'm just waiting for Jesus to come.

I'm convinced that earth's pleasures are fleeting.

Now I'm living for Jesus alone.

All my days here on earth have been numbered

And I cannot afford to waste one.

God's great plans by my life must be furthered

And my life's work on earth must be done.

In that day God will judge me for sure

All I did, all I thought, all I spoke.

That which glorified God will endure.

All the rest will then go up in smoke.

So I'll live for my Saviour's good pleasure.

All the glories of earth have no worth.

Christ's own virtues will be my great treasure,

And I'll seek just God's kingdom on earth.


(Written in 2009)

(May be sung to the tune of the folk-song: Home On The Range)

Tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shAEgEoDTm0

The church is my home

And I never will roam,

I will stay here on all of life's way

For I've never once heard

A discouraging word,

But only been blessed every day.


O, the church is my home,

Where I'll live and I'll work and I'll pray;

For I've never once heard a discouraging word,

But only been blessed every day

Here the Spirit is free

And the Word blesses me,

And the fellowship's glorious I see.

So I'll never give room

For any darkness or gloom

Or for all that this world offers me.