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If God Has Called You to Be In "Canaan", Don't Move To "Egypt"
The man who trusts in the Lord will not move until God tells him to
15th January 2017 - Sunday
Tuticorin Conference - 2017: Growing in Heavenly Wisdom
Theme: Growing in Heavenly wisdom
Dates : 14th,15th and 16th January 2017 (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)
Casting Away All Confidence In Self
A New and Living Way
The Lord has opened the way of the cross for us to walk in - and He is our High Priest and Forerunner
God's Road Map For Progress In 2017
Following Jesus' Example in the New Year
If we want to be transformed into the likeness of Christ this year, the most important thing we need is to hear and obey God every day
There Is a Difference between Doing Righteousness and Loving Righteousness
Whatever God did for Jesus, He will do for me too, if I fulfil the same conditions that Jesus fulfilled
Backslidings Of Balaam