A Short History

A Short History

Zac Poonen and Ian Robson in front of 16 DaCosta Square
Zac Poonen and Ian Robson in front of
16 DaCosta Square

The church of believers that meets at Christian Fellowship Centre (CFC) today commenced with a few families that first met together in Bangalore, India in August 1975. They decided to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ first themselves, and then to make disciples in obedience to the Lord's commission in Matthew 28:18-20, emphasizing the new birth, holiness of inner life, mutual love, moral purity, financial integrity and sharing God's truth with others - founding every aspect of their lives on God's Word alone.

CFC is not connected organizationally with any group or church anywhere. We are evangelical in our faith ( See 'what we believe') and gladly receive all who are members of the worldwide Body of Christ.

Our Stand On Money Matters:

No reports of the work done or any appeal for finances are ever sent out anywhere. All money that is received as freewill offerings or as voluntary contributions, goes directly to the work of spreading the gospel in India, through conferences, literature and audio-tapes etc. ( See 'Our Financial Policy' )


CFC is led by a plurality of elders. No elder is paid for his work. This is NOT because we feel that such financial support is unScriptural, but because we desire to stand apart from the bad testimony that many Christian workers have had in the matter of finances.