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Video Help
Sample Video:

How is the video message played on my computer?

We store video messages in the WMV format (Windows Media Video Format). This format can be played using the Windows Media Player. A sample video can viewed by clicking on the 'Play' button on this page.You can view messages from our website by using one of two methods: Downloading or Streaming.

While Downloading, a message file needs to be downloaded completely to the users computer, and then played. The advantage of downloading is that the video file is available even after the connectivity to the internet is closed. Downloaded files can be transferred to a CD, played on a VCD player, etc. From a user standpoint, however, downloading can be frustrating because the you must wait for the entire file to download before you can play it.

While Streaming, the Windows Media Player allows WMV files to be played immediately as the file is streamed to your computer. How the video file can be downloaded/streamed depends on the browser being used.

The same video message is available in multiple formats. Which should I choose?

Each message is in two video formats and an audio format. The format that is best suited for you is primarily decided by your internet connectivity speed.

The different formats available are:

  • A high resolution, larger file size format suitable for faster connections.
  • A lower resolution, smaller file size format suitable for slower connections.
  • If you have a dial-up connection, using a video format will be a frustrating experience. Instead we suggest you use the audio format
  • What version of Windows Media Player is supported?

    We have tested the video content with Windows Media Player 9 and 10. If you are using an earlier version, please consider upgrading. You can find the version of the player from the Help...About Windows Media Player menu option.

    You can download the latest Windows Media Player at

    What browsers are supported to play the video messages?

    Our video content works with Internet Explorer 6, Mozilla Firefox 1.0 & 1.5, Opera 8. If your browser is of an older version and you have problems playing our video, please consider upgrading. You can find the version of the browser from the Help...About menu option.

    How do I play video in the Internet Explorer browser?

    For the Internet Explorer browser, clicking the 'Play' directly launches the Windows Media Player in the streaming mode.

    To download the video, right-click on the 'Play' button and choose the 'Save Target As...' option to download the video to the file system.

    How do I play video in the Mozilla Firefox browser?

    In the Mozilla Firefox browser, clicking on the 'Play' button pops up a Dialog on 'What should Firefox do with this file? To download the video, choose the 'Save to Disk' option.

    If you choose the 'Open with WMVFile (default)' option, it opens a 'Download' dialog box that seems to take for ever. This is because the browser is downloading the file before playing it, instead of streaming the file. To configure Firefox to play the video in the streaming mode, do the following.

    You will need to install a Firefox extension called MediaPlayerConnectivity.
    To install, go to this link, click on the 'Add to Firfox' icon. Then click on the Install Now button on the Software Installation popup, and then on the Restart Firefox button.
    On restarting the browser, a MediaPlayerConnectivity Wizard pops up. Click on the Next button, and review the player selected for Windows Media. This should default to Windows Media Player.
    On clicking the Next button, make sure that only the SmartPlay check box is clicked(default).Clicking on Finish will now install the Add on.
    After the browser starts, notice that under the Tools menu item, there is a new MediaPlayerConnectivity icon. This has another popup menu with a 'List All Media Links of Page' option.
    To play video in streaming mode, go to the video_message page for a particular message. Now click on the Tools menu item, MediaPlayer connectivity, List All Media Links of Page. This brings up a MediaPlayerConnectivity tab in the browser with links to the different resolution video formats and audio format.
    Click on any of these links to play it in streaming mode in the MediaPlayer.

    For a version that works with Firefox 2.0 install this extension.

    How do I play video in the Opera browser?

    In the Opera browser clicking on the 'Play' button, it pops up the 'Download file' dialog, and prompts 'Would you like to Open or Save the File?'.
    To play the video, click on the 'Open' button.
    To download the video, Click on the 'Save' button.
    To make the browser remember you choice, select the 'Remember choice and do not show dialog again' check box.

    Additonal resources to troubleshoot WindowsMedia Player issues

    Contains links to a variety of support resources, including the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page and the Windows Media Player newsgroup.

    What if I don't want to use Windows Media Player? Is there an alternative?

    The Windows Media Player is not supported on some Operating Systems like Unix. Alternatively you can use other Media players that support the WMV format. An example is RealPlayer, which can be downloaded at
    (Choose the free version rather than trial version which is valid only for 14 days).
    In this case the browser needs to be configured to open WMV file extensions with the RealPlayer.