Foundational Topics - For Beginners In Christian Life

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Learning to Walk
Zac Poonen has clearly given emphasis on sin, repentance, salvation and other foundational Christian topics. These resources are truly instrumental in helping believers in laying a strong foundation in their Christian life.

A Good Foundation

The purpose of this book is to enable you to lay a good foundation in your life. Read on then and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart...

Basic Christian Teachings

These teachings on Foundational Christian Truths consists of 72 messages of 15 min each starting from ground-zero.

Beginnings Of The Christian Life

The foundations on which the Chrsitian is to build his life. Simple and practical teachings on Repentance, Faith, Water Baptism & Receiving The Holy Spirit

Finding God's Will

Many Christians are confused about how to find the will of God for their lives. This book is an attempt to help them.

A Clear Gospel Message

What it means to be "born again" - or to be "saved". Gospel message made clear to you....

Tracts and Articles

Resources helpful to share your faith with others.
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